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Cambridge Favourite




Cambridge Favourite

Bred in 1938 and nursed through the war as a numbered seeding, Cambridge Favourite became the most widely grown variety …more



Christine is an early season variety cropping some 5 days ahead of Elsanta and responds particularly well when covered with …more



Cupid is one of the most interesting varieties to emerge from East Malling Research in that it is the only …more



Bred and selected at East Malling Research by Dr. David Simpson, Elegance is the most exciting main season variety to …more


Elsanta Eros Fenella Finesse

Elsanta is still the UK’s most important variety thirty-one years after its initial release by the Dutch breeders. Superb fruit …more

Regular, attractive conical berries, good flavour and a bright, glossy finish are typical of this variety. Eros is resistant to …more

Bred and selected by Dr. David Simpson at East Malling Research from a Lucy cross, Fenella is a late season  …more

Bred at East Malling Research from an Everest cross and trialled as EMR346, Finesse combines high yield with excellent fruit  …more

Flamenco Florence Hapil Honeoye

Bred by Dr. David Simpson at East Malling Research, Flamenco combines good fruit quality with a high yield potential. The  …more

Exceptional yield, superb disease resistance and large attractive berries have made this one of the most widely grown varieties in …more

Hapil is a large, vigorous plant producing a heavy crop of very large, bright, glossy main-season fruit. The easily picked  …more

Honeoye crops 4-6 days ahead of Elsanta and producing attractive, conical, orange-red fruit. Fruit firmness is slightly below the standard …more




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