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Elite Spawnbed - Narborough, Norfolk

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Planting healthy cane is crucial to the success of your crop. In order to achieve the highest possible standards of health we restrict our propagation to sites which have never previously grown raspberry and, wherever possible, our stocks are entered and inspected under the Plant Health Propagation Scheme (PHPS).

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Long Cane

Selected on the basis of cane height, thickness, root structure and bud number.

  • These should ideally be planted in January or February allowing the plant to develop new roots and become established during cool weather.
  • Ideally planted in substrate. If planted in soil then it must be light, open and well prepared.
  • If cold-stored long cane are used then shading and misting may be required to slow bud break whilst roots develop.

NB: Unfavourable conditions result in poor bud break, reduced flower numbers and smaller berries.

Bare root, field grown long cane are lifted when fully dormant and bench graded to ensure uniformity and quality. Long can can be root wrapped and packed in lined bulk bins ready for cold-storage at a charge of £50 per 1000 per thousand cane. Cold storage is charged at £3.70 per bin per week.



Field grown and supplied washed in 8kg crates ex cold-store. Available January - June.


  • Suitable for long distance shipping.
  • Can be kept frozen at -2 degrees C until required.
  • Please order by the end of February.


Substrate Grown Plants


Spring Potted Plants

Raised from rooted fresh tips and available in 40 cell trays April - June.


  • Suitable for soil planting into well prepared raised beds with drip irrigation.  These plants will develop rapidly and evenly to produce cane for fruiting the following summer.
  • Ideal for planting into pots for growing on as potted Long Cane.



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