Glen Coe



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Recommended for specialist use

60cm / 24ins

2.7/3m or 9/10ft



This specialist variety is the result of a cross between a black raspberry and Glen Prosen. The deep rich purple fruits have a waxy bloom and an excellent intense flavour and, similar to the Black raspberries, makes superb jams, sauces and wine.


Mid-season with yields comparable to red raspberries. Glen Coe is a significant improvement compared to other black varieties in being spine-free.


The variety is vigorous producing a moderate number of semi-erect canes from the stool. Good disease resistance.


This unique raspberry was bred by Dr. Derek Jennings at JHI.


CAC only


9cm potted plants: £250 per hundred

2 Litre Potted Plant: £410 per hundred

3 Litre Potted Plant: £495 per hundred

Pots - 3 Litre


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