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Fully recommended

40cm / 16ins

90cm / 36ins



Christine is an early season variety cropping some 5 days ahead of Elsanta and responds particularly well when covered with fleece.


The berries are large, bright, orange-red and easily picked. Class I percentages are good with few small or misshapen berries. Fruit quality is excellent and in an HDC trial Christine was recorded as ‘the firmest variety with high skin strength and little bruising’.


Flavour is excellent with good levels of sugar. This variety will give three full crops when grown on a traditional matted row and is the only early variety that is resistant to Verticillium Wilt; it also has good resistance to Mildew and is untouched by Two Spotted Spider Mite.


Certified Stock


Fresh standard plants: £180 per thousand

Cold stored A grade plants: £186.50 per thousand

Plant type - Fresh - Standard Grade

Plant type - Cold Stored - A Grade

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