For full details of the FPCS scheme visit: www.gov.uk/guidance/fruit-propagation-certification-scheme

For full details of the EU Plant Passport scheme visit: https://www.gov.uk/guidance/issuing-plant-passports-to-trade-plants-in-the-eu


Plant Health Inspectors inspecting a field of raspberry cane at one of our fields in Narborough.

PHPS Inspectors at work.                                                                                           Kirsty McLeary at the NSA’s facility at East Malling.

Research and Development

In order to be able offer all our customers ever better varieties we need to invest and support non-proprietary breeding programmes. R W Walpole Ltd are actively involved in the East Malling Strawberry breeding Club, the UK Raspberry Breeding Consortium at JHI and the Hansabred Gmbh & Co Ltd European breeding initiative in Dresden. In addition our commitment to Meiosis Ltd offers us the opportunity to work with the leading breeding programmes from around the world.

Kirsty McLeary at the NSA’s facility at East Malling.

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