Cascade Delight



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Fully recommended

60cm / 24ins

2.7/3m or 9/10ft



Fruit quality and yield


Selected by Dr. Pat Moore at Washington State, USA, Cascade Delight produces high yields of very large, very firm, fruit.

The berries are glossy, with a long conic shape, easily detached and with an excellent flavour. The variety picked over a 46 day period in the HDC Trial at Oxford in 2012 and was the highest yielding selection. The season is similar to that of Tulameen but the berries are firmer and 20% larger, averaging 5gms throughout the season.


Yield is the same as Tulameen but the berries are firmer and 20% larger; at an average of 5gms.


The variety is vigorous with long fruiting laterals which benefit from a support system. Cascade Delight is slightly spined with most of the spines located on the basal portions of the cane.


The variety is susceptible to the Large Raspberry Aphid and to Raspberry Bushy Dwarf Virus. American trials have shown field resistance to Raspberry Root Rot and this has been supported by the observations of growers in the UK over the last four seasons.


Approved Health


Standard Cane: £660 per thousand

Long Cane 1.2m+: £909 per thousand

Root: £17.50 per kg

Canes - Standard

Canes - Long

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