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Royal Sovereign

Christine, Strawberry Honeoye, Strawberry Korona, Strawberry Royal Sovereign, Strawberry

Christine is an early season variety cropping some 5 days ahead of Elsanta and responds particularly well when covered with …

Honeoye crops 4-6 days ahead of Elsanta and producing attractive, conical, orange-red fruit. Fruit firmness is slightly below the standard …

Strongly recommended for the PYO grower as a result of its combination of flavour, season and disease resistance. The variety …

Bred by Joseph Paxton in the 1890’s this is one of the oldest fruit varieties still cultivated. An early season …




Sweetheart, Strawberry Vibrant, Strawberry    

Bred at East Malling Research, this elegant selection is another outstanding variety that can be successfully grown without high input …

Bred and selected by East Malling Research, Vibrant is a high yielding, high quality early variety that has performed well …






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