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Hinnonmaki Yellow


Karaka Black

Loch Maree

Hinnonmaki Yellow

A late-season, very hardy variety bred in Finland. The bush has a spreading habit and benefits from some support. Medium ...more

Loch Ness


Recommended Variety: This vigorous, easily grown, high yielding variety is justifiably the most widely planted gooseberry variety. The berries are …more

Loch Tay

Karaka Black

Karaka Black is an early season blackberry bred by Harvey Hall of the HortResearch breeding programme in New Zealand. The …more

Loganberry LY654

Loch Maree

A recently released variety from the JHI breeding programme, Loch Maree is semi-erect, thorn free and vigorous. This selection is …more

Oregon Thornless

Loch Ness Loch Tay Loganberry LY654 Oregon Thornless

Currently the most widely planted of any variety, this thornless blackberry, bred at JHI, produces a very high yield of …more

Bred by JHI, Loch Tay is the second major selection to emerge from the breeding programme that produced Loch Ness …more

LY654 is the thornless clone of the best known of the hybridberries. Its distinctive flavour and reputation make Loganberry a …more

Oregon Thornless or Evergreen Thornless is a very late season, thornless selection with characteristic deeply cut leaves that are carried …more

Pax Rovada Royal Sovereign Snow White

Recommended Variety. A virtually spine-free red dessert gooseberry. Bred at EMR East Malling, Pax produces dark red fruit of medium  …more

This late variety is now by far the most widely planted cultivar due to its high yields of superb quality  …more

Bred by Joseph Paxton in the 1890’s this is one of the oldest fruit varieties still cultivated. An early season  …more

Snow White is a vigorous selection, much higher yielding than existing white fruited varieties, producing attractive, medium sized, uniform and conical berries  …more




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