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Ebony, Blackcurrant

This new, superbly flavoured, selection sets a new standard for blackcurrants and firmly establishes Ebony as a genuine dessert variety.

A very early ripening variety which crops during the first week of July (14 days ahead of Ben Connan) and produces large, firm fruit with a delicate flavour. Ebony is an outstanding dessert variety with very sweet berries (up to 15% Brix).

The bush is moderately vigorous with an open, slightly spreading, habit. This variety can be successfully grown as a cordon and on wires. Ebony is resistant to Powdery Mildew but slightly susceptible to other fungal diseases.

Particular care needs to be taken to protect the plant from Gall Mite.


Two year bushes: £262 per hundred

3 Litre pots: £3.30 per pot

Season Early
Rating Fully recommended
Planting Distances - Intra-row spacing 1.2m / 48ins
Planting Distances - Row Width 1.5m / 5ft
Planting Distances - Plants per Acre 2200
Planting Distances - Plants per hectare 5600
Pots - 3 Litre YES
Bushes - 1 Year YES

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