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Chandler, Blueberries

Produces a well branched upright bush (150cm) with a high and reliable yield.

The berries are exceptionally large, usually over 20mm in size and 2 grams in weight and are attractively coloured, firm and have a good flavour.

The variety has a very long ripening period, from early August through to mid-September.

Highly recommended for amateur and PYO use.

Uncertified stock:
Guide Price (subject to £/E exchange rate):
1.5 Litre pots: poa
3 Litre pots: poa

Season Late
Rating Fully recommended
Planting Distances - Intra-row spacing 1/1.5m or 40/60ins
Planting Distances - Row Width 2.5L
Planting Distances - Plants per Acre 900/1600
Planting Distances - Plants per hectare 2200/4000
Pots - 1.5 Litre YES
Pots - 3 Litre YES

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