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Buckingham Tayberry


Buckingham Tayberry, Hybridberry

The most exciting new hybridberry for many years – a tayberry without spines.

Buckingham Tayberry is believed to be identical in every respect to the original Tayberry except for its spinelessness.

Strong canes, a high yield and uniquely flavoured fruit will make this selection the first choice for growers wishing to offer their customers something special.


9cm pots:    £200 per hundred
2 Litre pots: £380 per hundred
3 Litre pots: £4.30 per pot

Season Early
Rating Fully Recommended
Planting Distances - Intra-row spacing 1.8m / 72in
Planting Distances - Row Width 2.5m / 8ft
Planting Distances - Plants per Acre 900
Planting Distances - Plants per hectare 2200
Pots - 9cms YES
Pots - 2 Litre YES
Pots - 3 Litre YES

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